Welcome to my author’s page!

You might have come across some of my other blogs. e.g.

This website is, once again, a bit different:

Primarily, it deals with my creative writings and the occasional nonfiction.

I am currently in the process of publishing several serial novels/books on Kindle Vella (currently only available in the US). Therefore, a lot of my posts here will be dealing with these, of course.

I love to write in different genres, just as I enjoy reading them. this blog gives me the opportunity to write about subjects and topics that either come up in my current books or that I might use in the future. That’s why I call it “All that – and other Stuff!”. It’s my little sandbox, so to speak! 🙂

By the way, many of my published works are not connected to my name – that’s the lot of a professional ghostwriter: We write in anonymity, and we get paid for it. (Yes, to me that’s indeed the proverbial “nice job if you can get it!”)

Publishing regularly under my own name (i.e. “Susanne Wagner” – yeah, that’s me!) is still regularly new and exciting to me. Thanks for keeping me company on this journey!

Here’s a little overview of some of my writings…


Kat And The Million – a Kindle Vella serial novel/Amazon.com, e-book version (2022), ASIN B09R27T228

A Circle Closes – A Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler Storya Kindle Vella serial novel/Amazon.com, e-book version (2022), ASIN B09R2D3LZ7

“In good Hands” (short story/Kurzgeschichte) – “Practical Handbook of Bee Culture“, a publication of the Retired Beekeepers of Sussex, softcover edition or PDF-version (2017)

“Memento” (short story/Kurzgeschichte) — Sherlock-Holmes-Magazin 08/2011, ISSN: 2190-2321 (2011)


How to Become a Freelance Writer (Thecostmedia.com, 2020)

Kate Whitney – A Victorian Lady” (essay) – “Femme Friday“, a publication by The Baker Street Babes and Friends, US version or European version (2017)

Die USA – Wesentliches von Urlaub bis Auswanderung  (Amerikakonto.com, 2017)

Deposit Guarantee in the USA  (Amerikakonto.com, 2016)

Einlagensicherung in den USA  (Amerikakonto.com, 2016)

Various contributions to German newspapers and magazines/Verschiedene Beiträge für deutschsprachige Zeitungen/Magazine (1998-20011):


“A Hint of Spring” – “the flower shop on the corner” Poetry Anthology/The Red Penguin Collection (2021), ISBN Digital: 978-1-63777-031-3/Print: 978-1-63777-030-6

[without title] — Wolverine (Independent-Magazin) (2011)

Ver(w)irrt — Leselaube der Irrgartenwelt (Lars O. Heintel) (2008)

“Together” (Lyrics) – Official Anthem of the “Volleyball World Championship for the Disabled” (2004)

Ver(w)irrt — Gedichte-Datenbank Jokers.de

Kriegsrecht — Gedichte-Datenbank Jokers.de

“Die Wassergeister” – Anthologie “Welt ohne Wunder?” (1994, out of print/nicht mehr im Druck)

“Vorstadt” – Anthologie “Beton und Poesie” (1989, out of print/nicht mehr im Druck)