Irene Adler… or is it?

YAY! After my enforced writing pause, I am back on track with chapter 8 of my #sherlockholmes and #ireneadler novel (#kindlevella) 😊.

You don’t know the story yet? Head over to Amazon/Kindle Vella and have a look at “A Circle Closes – A Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler Story!” The first three chapters are always FREE!


It’s a “Win”! 1st Round of Kindle Vella Madness

YAY! My novel “A Circle Closes – A Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler Story” has successfully made it through the first round of Kindle Vella Madness! Thanks to all who have voted! So happy to be part of this!!

You can follow Kindle Vella Madness” (as in staying tuned for the next round and check out the other great stories in the contest – sorry, US only) via their public FB Group or directly via the Linktree that lists the contestants.


“No Easy Way Out” – My Personal Sherlock Holmes Soundtrack

Do you sometimes have a “soundtrack” in your mind when reading a book? I do!

As far as my Kindle Vella novel “A Circle Closes” and the whole Sherlock Holmes “universe” is concerned, this song certainly fits.

When Sherlock Holmes faked his death at the Reichenbach Falls, he had very important reasons to do so. Eventually, he finds himself in the situation to explain them to Watson, to convince his friend that there really had been “no easy way out” for him.

How does this fit in with my story of “A Circle Closes”, given that the story takes place during the hiatus, i.e. between “The Final Problem” (Reichenbach Falls) and “Empty House” (Return to London)?

Well, read my book (currently only available in the US, sorry) and find out, haha!!

The first three chapters are available for FREE!

But seriously: There is so much emotional conflict surrounding the whole story arc of Sherlock Holmes’ “death” and return, and that’s what this video is about, and you will find a lot of it in “A Circle Closes” as well.

Why don’t you head over to Amazon Vella and find out more!?