Publishing Date Approaching!

Sooo… in case you are wondering what I have been up to lately: Below is the cover concept for the newest book I have been co-writing. It’s a BUSINESS BIOGRAPHY (if that’s not a genre, it really should be!!) about the very first BAVARIAN BEERHOUSE and restaurant in the UK.

PROST! – The Bavarian Beerhouse Story


by Sabine & Rene von Reth (…yes, and ME!!)

I do not even drink beer, but it was fascination to learn about how these two German entrepreneurs (who both came from completely different lines of work) turned their dream into a very successful reality and pioneered their concept in a new country!

Whether you like Bavarian beer or not – this is (if I dare say so myself) an interesting and motivational read, and full to the brim with useful information for anyone who has ever dreamed of becoming part of the hospitality industry – or who already does own a pub, bar or restaurant and feels the concept might need some overhauling.

Available THIS SUMMER! Stay tuned!

You can check out the Bavarian Beerhouse Worldwide Facebook page here – and if you are not already doing so, have a look-see and follow my own Facebook page here for quick updates on what’s going on!

(And now it’s high time to update my current Kindle Vella novels and non-fiction book(s) Are you already reading them?? If you are based in the US (sorry, not accessible internationally yet), you can find them thattaway…)