Introducing: “Kat and the Million” – My New Serial Novel on Kindle Vella

Kat and the Million – Original Blurb

“Kat has never been rich but has so far always done okay. Fed up with her boyfriend and his “Keeping-up-with-the-Joneses” lifestyle, she moves back to her hometown to start a new life for herself. When the COVID pandemic hits, her novel becomes a bestseller, and she even successfully sells the film rights, things start to change. What is she going to do with all the money? Will life now become much easier – or even more complicated? One way or the other, it is certainly becoming more interesting!”


What’s it all about?

True, as far as book sales are concerned, the so-called “Millionaire Romances” are more and more giving way to “Billionaire Romances.” For so many people, a million dollars does not seem all that impressive and exciting anymore. Can you believe that, given the fact that having such an amount of money is something, the majority of people can only dream of?

  • What does it even mean these days: being “rich?”
  • What kind of “good life” could you lead with a solid million in your bank account?
  • Would you feel happy (or happier)?
  • Would you feel secure?
  • What kind of cool stuff would you buy?
  • Would you (still) be working?
  • How would you make sure the money does not run through your fingers?
  • How much good would you do with your money?
  • And what about your love life? Would that change?

A bit of chick-lit, a bit of romance, a bit of lifestyle, mixed with questions of social and ecological responsibility… and a bit of something more. That’s the idea behind “Kat and the Million.”

Head over to Kindle Vella to find out more! Episode 2 is currently online, and the first 3 episodes are FREE!